Business Partnerships

Yield Farms and Pools Partnerships

Yield Farms incentivize users to provide liquidity for your trading pair by distributing $CST to your pair's LP Token holders.
Pools are a way of distributing your tokens to BSC users who stake CST in the pool.

Listing on the Exchange
How can I list my token on the exchange?
Anybody can "list" any BEP20 token on CryptoSwap. You don't need to contact us or ask permission. You just need to add liquidity to a liquidity pool - that's it. Traders can then trade your token by entering your token's contract address.
Which liquidity pool should I create?
You can create any pool you like, but we recommend creating an 'ALT - USDT' pool.
ALT stands for your token.
How can I add my token's logo/icon?
If your token's icon Is not on our list, please submit it to us.
How can I add my token to the default list?
We have the evaluation standards for the project and will add projects that meet the requirements into the default list.

How can I take activities on the exchange?